Terms and Conditions

DBTClasses.com and DBTCopingSkills.com are part of Path to Peace Corporation. 

By purchasing any product from this website (dbtclasses.com) you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. 

You are accepting that you have read the terms and conditions. This transcation is between Path to Peace Corp (aka dbtclasses.com) and yourself. You are accepting the financial responsiblity and accepting to make payment to Path to Peace Corp in exchange for online services rendered as described below.

Please note if you have opted for the 6-Month Payment Plan of $259 for 6 months, you are financially responsible and obligated for all 6 payment of $259 over the six month period. 


The purchase of DBT Classes via DBTclasses.com includes:


  1. Lifetime access to online DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) classes 
  2. More than 20+ pre-recorded videos teaching the DBT skills 
  3. Email support to understand the content you are learning
  4. Five modules of Dialectical Behavior Therapy 
  5. Six months of guided access to content via email reminders
  6. Certificate of Completion by request (will need to verify that you have completed the content). 
  7. Live group coaching sessions when available and based on student interest


The purchase of DBT Skills Coaching includes:


  1. As stated above points 1-7
  2. 30 Personalized Coaching Sessions via Zoom Video Calls 


Refunds and Returns


There are NO RETURNS or REFUNDS for either of the program. Please contact me prior to purchase for any questions and any concerns prior to purchase. Once you have completed the purchase, you are committing to the program and accepting financial responsibility and agree to pay in full. If there is ANY PROBLEM with your payment, all course access will be cancelled. 


Questions can be emailed to: info@mindbodysoultherapy.com 


How to access the classes:


Once I have received the order, within 24-hours I will create an account for you to access the online course on dbtcopingskills.com. You will receive an email including your login details. You will also begin receiving emails with the links to the classes once a week. Please add info@mindbodysoultherapy.com to your address book so that you can receive all my emails.


About Your Instructor: 

Your class instructor and DBT trained expert is Musarat Yusufali LCSW (licensed social worker in Virginia, District of Columbia and Texas). Musarat Yusufali is also the President of Path to Peace Corp and the owner of dbtclasses.com. 


Musarat Yusufali completed her training for DBT via Behavior Tech trainings in 2016 and participated in peer supervision groups with other clinicians. Currently Musarat Yusufali receives training and consultation as needed. 


In this capacity, Musarat Yusufali acts as your instructor and coach. You are not entering a therapeutic relationship with Musarat Yusufali by signing up for this course. If you are wanting DBT therapy and reside in one of the states mentioned above you can contact and request a consultation via mindbodysoultherapy.com. 


Therapy services provided by Musarat Yusufali are separate from instruction provided via DBTClasses.com. 

Thank you for your purchase 🙂