DBT Covid Special


Learn DBT coping skills online from the comfort of your home. Online learning brings you the knowledge and skills you want to learn to live your life better.



DBT Classes Online brings you the coping skills as taught within Dialectical Behavior Therapy (aka DBT). You will learn the skills taught within DBT groups so that you can better:

  1. Regulate your emotions
  2. Learn how to effectively interact within relationships
  3. Manage intense emotions resulting from things you cannot change
  4. Understand behaviors and strategies to create new patterns
  5. Create self-awareness through mindfulness skills

Each week you will complete one class which will include learning the material via a video lesson and doing the homework. Homework will involve practicing the skill learnt during that week’s class.

Each week you will watch a video approximately 45 minutes in length. All classes will take approximately 6 months to complete.

You will have access to me via email for questions. If you need more support, you will be given an option to schedule an individual coaching session with me.

Please note DBT treatment is provided in a collaborative manner. DBT classes online are one piece of the treatment.

LIVE classes Wednesdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 8 am EST. Starting Sunday March 29th to May 20th 2020.