Meet the Instructor

I am passionate about teaching you methods so you can live your life with Joy and Purpose.

Hello! I’m Musarat

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My name is Musarat Yusufali and I’m the DBT expert.

I offer online classes teaching DBT skills a.k.a Dialectical Behavior Therapy by offering video classes and one-on-one coaching sessions. If you have searched for the perfect class and still haven’t found one, search no more. DBT classes will give you the flexibility you have been looking, for while making it easy and fun to learn DBT skills.

My Approach & Values

I’m a DBT psychotherapist practicing in Austin, TX. I offer classes in my home town to teens and adults. Often times, people are unable to find or go to a DBT Skills group that is accessible to them. With DBTClasses, you can be the boss of your own growth. If you are a busy professional, you can manage your learning experience and schedule classes based on your time. Now everyone can have the chance to learning DBT skills without have to travel half the world or loose their retirement savings!

I have taught DBT classes for more than 5 years and now I’m here to bring it to the online world. I love teaching skills and I must say DBT classes will change your life forever!

My Experience

  • Leading DBT groups in Intensive Out-Patient settings
  • Leading DBT groups in hospital settings
  • Implementing DBT with individuals and groups in a private practice setting
  • 5+ years of experience 

My Education

  • Bachelor’s from University of Texas at Austin
  • Master’s in Social Work from Columbia University
  • Dialectical Behavior Training with Behavior Tech LLC
  • On going training in understanding trauma and relationships including: EMDR, IPBN, EFT, and Imago

I love working with individuals who want to bring peace in their lives


I am passionate about Dialectical Behavior Therapy and bringing the skills to you.


Online DBT Classes makes it easy and convenient for you to learn the skills that will bring peace back into your life.

Here for You

When you are stuck, I’ll be here to answer your questions. No more guessing on the how.

"My child has been very resistant to therapy, but working with Ms Yusufali is helping them to open up and DBT skills are giving them coping tools to use with their anxiety."

RB – Parent

"I rolled my eyes at the idea of mindfulness at first, and didn’t take it seriously. But then I decided to actually try it, and I was shocked at the way it actually worked. Sure it wasn’t a immediate effect, but working on it almost everyday is helping me in ways I could only dream of."


"At first I thought I would just use DBT in my one on one family relationships, then I found out it also works tremendously well with colleagues and my clients at work."


I'm Ready to Enroll

Change begins with the intention. I’m here to help you make your intention into a reality with knowledge and support. Join me by registering for this course today.

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