What is DBT? A Free Sample Mini Course

On this page you will find 5 videos on What is DBT and one skill from each of the 4 modules with Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This information is based on DBT curated by Marsha Linehan PhD.

DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy will be explained in this first video

A Sample of A Distress Tolerance Skill

A Sample of An Emotion Regulation Skill

A Sample of An Interpersonal Effectiveness Skill

A Sample from the Core Mindfulness Skills Module

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn more about DBT, aka Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I invite you to my online DBT program. This on-demand course is structured similar to what a live in-person DBT skills group would cover. This program is designed for persons that benefit from visually stimulating information designed for online learning. This program is also great for busy individuals who want to learn the skills AND are unable to attend an in-person live group.