How You Can SURVIVE & THRIVE in Covid-19 Season


Navigate Your Anxiety and Bring Peace Back Into Your Life


The Coronavirus Pandemic may have taken your peace away, its time to take the PEACE back into Your Hands.

DBT Coping Skills Online

aka Life Skills

Build EMOTIONAL RESILIENCY to overcome the challenges that have presented themselves with the Coronavirus Stress

This is an online program that will cover coping skills to help you:


  1. Increase your ability to stay present to the current moment and reduce your stress.
  2. Decrease the dysregulation you feel from your intense emotions.
  3. Deal with the current life stressor and the stress of uncertainty.  
  4. Interact with people more effectively as you are living in close spaces AND
  5. Know how to make changes to your life.

Your Path to Take Your Life Back in Control Begins Here

Let's Me Guide You in this Path

Decrease your experience of intense emotions on a daily basis

Stop getting labeled as “the emotional one”

Access your ability to have inner peace

Transform your relationship to yourself and the world

The Program to Your Success


LIVE Online Classes: Wednesdays & Sundays for 8 weeks, every 2 weeks after (total of 30 sessions)

√ Five Modules of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Coping Skills taught by a DBT Expert

Six Months of guided access to the course content via email reminders

√ LIFE TIME of access to course content

On Demand Email Coaching Provided

√ Certificate of Completion by Request

* Connection & Support through the end of the year *

Module 1 : Learning Mindfulness Skills

Learn how to get inner tranquility. Mindfulness has been researched and shown to have the greatest impact on changing our brains. Mindfulness has many benefits including increasing self-awareness. This module is the core of all the rest of the skills and will make other techniques easier to implement.

Module 2 : Tolerating High Stress

Get ready for the toughtest times of your life. Distress tolerance skills are those coping methods you need when there is nothing you can change about a situation. Learn how to deal with stressful life circumstances without loosing your mind and happiness.

Module 3 : Relationship Skills

Learn to have JOY and RESPECT in relationships. Whether you have intense relationships or feel isolated, you will learn the methods of connecting to others. Know how to manage conflict, ask for your needs and stand up for your values.

Module 4 : Regulating Our Emotions

Time to Kick ASS with your day to day life. We are emotional beings, every moment of our life we are going through emotions. Learn how to manage these emotions when they feel like they are overriding everything in your life and taking over your peace.

Module 5 : Changing Old Patterns

It’s time for new paths and leave what’s not working behind. We all get stuck in behaviors that are not working for us. The key is learning new behaviors that will keep us from going to our old patterns. This module will teach you how to make new behaviors stick and last.

Musarat Yusufali


Hi! I’m your DBT Expert. I will help you learn the skills so that you can live your life with more peace and joy. 

Are You Ready?

To walk into a room with confidence and ease (and leave your anxiety behind)?

To get your needs met without having to go into battle to be heard?

Wake up with peace in the morning and go to sleep at night with contentment?

To be the BOSS of your emotions instead of being their slave?

To receive kindness and respect from your family and colleagues?

For love and pleasure in your relationship?

Ready to go from emotionally stressed to relaxed and in control?

“A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step.” Begin your journey here.

During this special, you will receive access to live classes AND you will also receive the online DBT Classes program for FREE. Special valid from Saturday May 21, 2020 to Wednesday April 22, 2020. 

If you are having financial difficulties and are unable to pay the price listed, contact me ( and let me know so we can make a plan to support you. We can get through this together.