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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (aka DBT) is a researched based therapy model that has helped several individuals and families change their lives forever. It’s been a life saver for many. Research shows just by adding DBT skills, emotionally sensitive persons have a marked increase in regulating their emotions and building stable relationships in their lives.

Learn at your own pace

Each week you will have one skill to learn and complete. You choose the day and the time.

Online learning makes it easy and affordable to begin implementing DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills in your life without waiting. 

Access Online

You will have access to the material any time online. Just login and start learning today.

Learn Mindfulness Skills

You will learn how to increase self-awareness and create greater focus in your life.

Navigate Distress

Learn how to tolerate distress when life hits you hard.

Get Answers

When you are stuck, get answers to your questions via email support.

Email Reminders

You will receive an email reminder to login and learn your skill for the week.

Learn to Regulate Emotions

You will learn how to manage your emotions that take over you and your life.

Relationship Skills

Learn how to deal with interpersonal relationships and deal effectively with people in your life.

Passionate Instructor

Learning you will enjoy with examples and ways you can practice immediately.

Learn DBT Coping Skills Online

Your relationship to yourself and those around you will never be the same again.

Start this Mini-DBT Online Course and begin to take charge of your life and your emotions.

If you’d like to view the mini course without signing up, use this link here to go to the course. 

Do You Find Yourself Feeling Out of Control?

Emotion Regulation Skills are designed for you

You will learn the science and the method on how to regulate your emotions so that you are running your life. Not your emotions running your life.

Do You Feel Isolated in Your Relationships?

I’m here to make relationship skills available and easy to learn

Have you tried to search for DBT classes and found nothing? Or maybe driving 2 hours to the nearest class isn’t appealing. Maybe you don’t want to wait another 2 months before you can start changing your relationships around.

Start Taking Action Today

You don’t have to wait any more

I’m here to make DBT classes accessible, easy and fun for all!

I rolled my eyes at the idea of mindfulness at first, and didn’t take it seriously. But then I decided to actually try it, and I was shocked at the way it actually worked. Sure it wasn’t a immediate effect, but working on it almost everyday is helping me in ways I could only dream of.


At first I thought I would just use DBT in my one on one family relationships, then I found out it also works tremendously well with colleagues and my clients at work.


My child has been very resistant to therapy, but working with Ms Yusufali is helping them to open up and DBT skills are giving them coping tools to use with their anxiety.


The idea of empathy and repeating (in a summary form) what the other person is feeling and saying is key to reducing tension and resolving issues.



Your questions answered

Here’s answers to the most common questions I receive. 

When does it start?

You have immediate access to the course upon signing up. If there’s a delay, just send me an email. 

What is your return policy?

There is no return after the purchase is made, please be sure and ask your questions. Taking the mini-course will help to know my style.

Are the classes live?

YES and no. I have now added live coaching group coaching sessions to the program. The skills classes are video classes that you learn at your own convenience. You then show up to the group coaching classes to ask your questions and get direct feedback. Group coaching is based on student interest, 4 minimum students required. 

What's the cost?

The DBT classes program is a one-time fee of $1297. You can also choose a personalized coaching program for $2997. If you are intersted in the DBT classes only and want to pay $259 over a 6 month payment plan, you can email info@mindbodysoultherapy.com.

How long are the classes?

Each video ranges from 20 to 60 minutes. You are expected to set aside an hour a week to learn the material.

Who is the instructor?

Musarat Yusufali is a DBT trained therapist with a private practice in Arlington, VA. Previously she had a practice in Austin, TX. She is passionate about women transforming their lives and finding joyful peace in their hearts. You can learn more about her here.

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